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The essence of natural beauty- Oils to dissolve stress and revitalise skin


A recent article from the Healthpost website outlines Rachel's belief that you can find powerful properties in a tiny bottle filled with the ‘essence’ of a plant. Lavender, tea tree and rose are just some of the ingredients used to create oils that help you beat stress and get gorgeous glowing skin!


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The Science behind Reiki

Many people have asked about independent scientific research with therapies like Reiki. The following article by Tamisha Sabrina comes from The UK Reiki Federation website ( and provides a fascinating insight into what occurs during a treatment.


Independent research by Dr Robert Becker and Dr John Zimmerman during the 1980's investigated what happens whilst people practice therapies like Reiki. They found that not only do the brain wave patterns of practitioner and receiver become synchronised in the alpha state, characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation, but they pulse in unison with the earth's magnetic field, known as the Schuman Resonance. During these moments, the biomagnetic field of the practitioners' hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal, and not as a result of internal body current. 


Click the link below for more information from The UK Reiki Federation

Complementary therapy and cancer
There are many reasons why people choose to use complementary therapies. Some people find they help them cope with the stresses caused by cancer and its treatments. Many therapies are relaxing, and may lift your spirits when you aren’t feeling your best.
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